Now... For the Controversy

I received an email from a fellow named Derek with this response:

"I just read your exam study tips…what a load of crap. Studies show that after about 30 minutes of studying, memory retention and focus drops dramatically. It is a FACT that the best way to study is for 30 minutes MAXIMUM followed by a 10-15 break, yet you are telling people to study for 90 minutes at a time? Your 90/30 protocol is a farce, unless, of course, you WANT people to forget what they just studied"

I gently pointed out to Derek that those were old studies. I remember reading about them 20+ years ago.  Ancient would be a better word for those studies, actually.

NEW studies reveal that 90 minutes is easily done provided appropriate breaks are used, and empirical results by many individuals has proven this to be true.
Also, students cramming for exams don’t have the luxury of frequent breaks.
Here is a short article about the 90 minute “Ultradian Rest Response”

However, I will slightly revise my 90/30 protocol recommendations to appease the “30 minute traditionalists.”
It’s a very simple revision actually:  Every 30 minutes, close your eyes for three minutes and press pause on your entrainment track playback.  For the first minute, mentally review the pertinent details that you have just studied.

For another two minutes after that mental review, do your best to not think about anything. Relax…breathe deep… just focus on the music, the pulsing tones or your breath.  The idea here is to allow your brain to completely rest for a minute or two so that the information from the previous 30 minutes transfers into your long term memory.

The rest of the 90/30 protocol remains the same

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