Genius Brain Power FAQ

If you are still not convinced that Genius Brain Power will be one of the best purchases you ever make, I would like to address your reservations now. Here are the main questions and concerns that I encounter from prospective customers.
1.    "I don’t understand MP3s"
Think of an MP3 as an electronic version of a CD song, but better.  You can play an MP3 on any computer, on any MP3 player or you can burn them to a CD.  MP3 players are easy to use, can be bought for $25 (decent) to $100 (terrific), and your *entire* CD library can be put onto a single MP3 player device. 
2.    "I want CDs"
If you are still using CDs, these MP3 files can be easily burned to CDs using your computer that you are reading this with right now.
3.    "Will you be around if I need support or guidance?"
Absolutely! I am available to answer any questions you have regarding your Genius Brain Power package, as well as to help get you “unstuck” from limiting belief systems.
4.    "I don’t want to meditate"
You DO want to relax and de-stress, though…right?  If you can set aside the time for a couple 30-60 minute “relaxation sessions” per week, you can gain the wonderful benefits from Genius Brain Power’s remarkable deep meditation tracks.  Remember, the audio is doing the “heavy lifting” so that you can just relax and enjoy the benefits.
If you can’t (or won’t) set aside some time to relax during the week, many people only use the deeper Theta & Delta tracks to help them fall asleep, and they still report benefits.  IQ Increase & Beta Relaxed Focus can be used at any time during normal daily activities.
5.    "I already know how to meditate"
Excellent!  You will probably see results very quickly and achieve incredibly deep, profound meditative states with the Theta & Delta tracks.
6.    "I am too old for my brain to evolve"
Nonsense.  Science is barely beginning to understand the amazing capacity of the human brain to adapt and evolve.  The brain does not lose the ability to learn as a person ages, but rather people neglect to stimulate their brains adequately to induce continuing improvements.  Genius Brain Power is a marvelous foundation for any “brain fitness & brain training” regimen no matter what your age.
7.    "Self-Improvement stuff never works for me…"
If you use it consistently, Genius Brain Power will produce profound improvements in the way your brain operates.  I guarantee it!  The key is consistent usage.  Nothing will happen if you use it for a week and forget about it (like those self-improvement products gathering dust on so many shelves around the world).
8.    "It costs too much"
The Genius Brain Power package is priced very low considering the vast amount of time, expense, research and testing that went into making it, along with hosting expenses, digital delivery software expenses, website programming, etc etc etc. 

It has three times the content for a third of the price of other less effective entrainment packages that keep you coming back for $200-$300 "levels" over and over again, costing thousands of dollars over time.  If anything, Genius Brain Power is underpriced.
9.    "It costs too little"
I completely agree, but that does not mean the product is ineffective.  The low price is simply a reflection of my desire to improve as many minds in this world as I can.
10.    "Will this cure/fix/solve my problem with (whatever ails me)?"
Almost every ailment can be ultimately traced back to limiting self-concepts and beliefs about the ourselves and the world.  Change your mind, and you can change your life and eventually improve your health.
11.    "I don’t like didgeridoo music"
That's ok! All of the tracks come in two flavors: Relaxing rainfall with ambient music and transcendental didgeridoo, so you can choose whatever you are in the mood for.

But a quick word about the didgeridoo... It is perhaps the oldest wind instrument on Earth. It resonates with an ancient frequency that is far more potent than sounds of waterfalls, oceans or the rain.
The didgeridoo music used in Genius Brain Power is designed to illicit a very relaxing, mind expanding effect independent of the entrainment frequencies, in order to enhance your overall brainwave entrainment experience. The key is to let your mind relax. Release the need to think about and analyze every sound you hear and just let go so the music can do its job.
12.    "How much can a person increase their iq with this technology?"

If you use the product according to the instructions in the user's manual, I am confident you *will* see positive, tangible results, including an increase in IQ test numbers.  How far you can increase your IQ depends on your persistence in using the entrainment, along with proper hydration and brain nutrition, which is covered in the user's manual.

Please be aware however, that Genius is much more than the number on an IQ test. 

True genius lies in the ability to converge seemingly disparate ideas and concepts into a new, integrated form within your mind, then communicate and share that insight with others. 

Sharpening the rational mind is only part of the equation, and while it is very nice to have as part of your tool kit, the increase in creativity and inspiration that you will receive from entraining across the full spectrum of brainwave function will bring you the most long term satisfaction, in my humble opinion.

Questions About Brainwave Entrainment

Question 1
At 08:18 PM 7/6/2010, Mr. A wrote:
So, I have a few questions for you about your product.
1. I did some research on brainwave entrainment and I found evidence that does indeed have the capability to increase IQ, but the studies were mainly on children with mental challenges or ADHD (one child went from 70 to 113). Is this simply the children being given the ability to focus, which is different from actually improving their intelligence?

Answer 1
I believe that the ability to focus is directly related to one’s measurable IQ, and is equally applicable to “normally functioning” people as well.


Question 2
There also was supposedly was also a study that showed that college students who used entrainment did better than those that did not (but that might not be related to actual IQ), but I have not been able to find the original draft. What do your IQ increase tracks resemble? Are they based on the same technologies in these trials with extra power or what?

Answer 2
I would need to see those trials to know what frequencies they were using.  They were “probably” using meditative frequencies, such as Alpha/Theta/Delta.


Question 3
2. I have been using your IQ increase tracks about twice a day, 3-6 days a week, for about 3 weeks. I also used your Alpha meditation tracks 5 times on five days that were pretty close together, and I am now on Theta. How long will it take for me to see a measurable improvement in my IQ?

Answer 3
If you keep going at the same rate, 6-8 weeks of total entrainment time should be enough to see a measurable increase.

Question 4
I dislike using such a dimensionless number as a measurement of intelligence, but it is the only objective means of definitively proving that the program has done something. I am thinking something on the order of 3-5 more weeks, what are your thoughts on this? What would I be able to expect at that time? To give you an idea of where I am at now, two months ago my IQ was measured by one source to be 120, another 149 (that one I could only take once though, so I will use the other one).

Answer 4
It depends on the testing methodology and other factors at the time of testing, but if you are calm, well rested and well hydrated when you take the test, you should see a measurable increase provided by your entrainment usage.
Question 5
3. I am thinking of being a writer, and this may seem silly to you, but I do not want to become reliant on brainwave entrainment for my creative ideas. It would feel almost like cheating. Increasing my IQ to be able to develop technologies that I have in my head is one thing, but getting my creative inspiration from entrainment is sketchy because I have no way of knowing whether it is truly working- and it would be tragic for me to think it is isn’t working and find out that all of my good ideas were mainly the result of frequencies after I write a something that is sub par in comparison to the works I wrote while using entrainment. I worry that all gains from this will be temporary, and I won’t have time to use it for maintenance, and that I will have become so reliant on it that I will fall apart in its absence. Will the IQ increase portion increase IQ without the help of the creativity tracks?

Answer 5
Yes, the IQ increase tracks will increase IQ without the help of the creativity tracks.  However, you will get much better results from using the “full spectrum” of entrainment frequencies in the package.
Your worries are unfounded, however.  The inspiration that you receive from the meditative and creativity tracks is coming from YOUR mind.  It is simply an area of the mind that few people access on a conscious, regular basis.  Genius Brain Power helps you to access these deeper parts of your sub-conscious mind more easily.  The more you open the pathway to your sub-conscious, the stronger the pathway becomes, and you won’t be dependent on the entrainment tracks once you have made a strong, clear sub-conscious connection.
However, just like a regular meditative practice, if you abandon your entrainment and allow the stresses of daily life to build up in your mind, you will be less effective and probably less creative.  Getting into the creative flow requires a state of consciously willed relaxation.  If you can get relaxed without entrainment, you can be creative.  If you need entrainment to relax, you should not look at it as a personal flaw.  We ALL need some extra help to relax and relieve stress at times.
You can also add in some of the usual stress relievers:  Moderate exercise, spending time in nature, getting a massage, meditating without entrainment, Yoga, etc.


Question 6
4. You said in a previous email that the effects of entrainment were like those of muscle memory. However, unlike muscles, which are set at a given number of cells and only increase in size and retain information in multiple nuclei, the brain has recently been found capable of generating new cells. In addition, it can create networks of connections that strengthen the overall functioning of the entire brain by giving neurons new places to fire and better context (context meaning that a neuron with one connection is not going to do as much good as one with hundreds). These factors lead me to believe that IQ gains that are caused by the generation of new neural tissue are permanent, and that other gains with a less permanent nature can be made permanent by application-giving the new found intellectual skill connections tied to information that would have to be eliminated before the gains in IQ could be. I imagine this is why most brain training does not work, as people don’t learn in addition to the training, and when they stop doing that, the brain has no reason to keep its new powers. With all this in mind, do you still think that the IQ gains would be temporary? Does brainwave entrainment lead to neurogenesis and new connections in the right context?

Answer 6
Yes, brainwave entrainment has been scientifically proven to lead to neurogenesis and new neural-synaptic connections in the brain, especially the frequencies used in IQ Increase and the relaxed focus tracks.  You are also correct that these new connections are strengthened and made more permanent by actively learning new skills and information.
The real key is to use the deeper Theta/Delta tracks in order to allow your brain and mind to “re-organize” around the new neural connections and information that you have learned.  You tap into your sub-conscious mind in these states and correlate the information that you have learned in new and unique ways.
Which leads us to “my” definition of genius:  The ability to combine seemingly unrelated pieces of information into a new, cohesive understanding that embraces a wide range of topics, and then communicate that new model of information to others in a way they can understand.
That is best accomplished by regular use of the deeper Theta/Delta tracks.  Regular Theta/Delta use will also help you to release “internal stressors” (worries, for example) so that you are in a more calm, focused state of mind in your daily experience, allowing you to express your natural creativity and intelligence.
A calm, focused mind can accomplish nearly anything, in my opinion.

Now... For the Controversy

I received an email from a fellow named Derek with this response:

"I just read your exam study tips…what a load of crap. Studies show that after about 30 minutes of studying, memory retention and focus drops dramatically. It is a FACT that the best way to study is for 30 minutes MAXIMUM followed by a 10-15 break, yet you are telling people to study for 90 minutes at a time? Your 90/30 protocol is a farce, unless, of course, you WANT people to forget what they just studied"

I gently pointed out to Derek that those were old studies. I remember reading about them 20+ years ago.  Ancient would be a better word for those studies, actually.

NEW studies reveal that 90 minutes is easily done provided appropriate breaks are used, and empirical results by many individuals has proven this to be true.
Also, students cramming for exams don’t have the luxury of frequent breaks.
Here is a short article about the 90 minute “Ultradian Rest Response”

However, I will slightly revise my 90/30 protocol recommendations to appease the “30 minute traditionalists.”
It’s a very simple revision actually:  Every 30 minutes, close your eyes for three minutes and press pause on your entrainment track playback.  For the first minute, mentally review the pertinent details that you have just studied.

For another two minutes after that mental review, do your best to not think about anything. Relax…breathe deep… just focus on the music, the pulsing tones or your breath.  The idea here is to allow your brain to completely rest for a minute or two so that the information from the previous 30 minutes transfers into your long term memory.

The rest of the 90/30 protocol remains the same

The 2 Types of Brainwave Entrainment

There are two general types of brainwave entrainment frequencies available in the market today:  Binaural Beats and Pulsed Tones (known as Isochronic tones).

Binaural beats have been around for a long time, but they are being replaced by pulsed (isochronic) tones for numerous reasons, of which the main two are:

1) Binaural beats often require expensive headphones for maximum benefits.  Pulsed tones do not. In fact, isochronic tones often do not require any headphones at all.
2) Binaural beats tend to stop working for a person after a while, so they are required to purchase new tracks with deeper binaural entrainment frequencies.  Pulsed tones don’t stop working in this way, and they actually work better the more one uses them.

This is because binaural beats send two different frequencies at barely-audible volume levels into each ear.  It is then up to your brain to “do the math” and entrain to the difference of the two frequencies.  For example, one ear receives a tone at 200hz, and the other ear receives a tone at 210hz.  Your brain will then (theoretically) entrain to a 10hz rhythm, which corresponds to a deeply relaxed Alpha state.

The problem is that over time your brain gets used to processing the two tones and stops entraining to the difference.  This is why most binaural beat brain entrainment products have several levels to keep your brain progressing as it adapts to the frequencies.

Isochronic tones, on the other hand, present the brain with a computer generated, audible rhythmic tone that the brain will easily follow.  The brain’s natural tendency to follow, or entrain to, rhythmic tones allow isochronic tones to create a powerful, consistent state of entrainment that does not “wear off” over time.
Because binaural beats are normally “masked” or hidden inside of background music, special headphones are required in order to correctly reproduce the frequency range of the binaural tone.  This is one of the biggest weaknesses of binaural beats.

In contrast, the audible isochronic rhythms generate an almost “irresistible” entrainment effect that does not need any special headphones to work.  The main thing you should remember here is that rhythm is one of the most basic functions in the human brain, so everyone’s brain responds to audible rhythm, including yours.
Isochronic tones are extremely effective at entraining the brain to any frequency from a deep meditative state, to mild relaxation, to high level stimulation that can literally exercise the brain’s ability to produce more neural-synaptic connections, which results in increased intelligence in the user.

The pulsed tones must be audible for these effects to occur, and consistent use of isochronic tones will literally train your brain to move into the entrainment state as soon as you hear the tones.

Brainwave entrainment can help you increase intelligence, relieve stress, meditate easily, increase concentration and memory, and much more. The only way to get these benefits is to experience entrainment for yourself.

Creating a Superior Brain through Brainwave Entrainment

Did you know that your brain can be exercised in order to make yourself smarter, have better memory, learn new information faster and be happier overall?  People all over the world are doing exactly that, and so can you.

Brain training exercises have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason.  Everyone wants to increase their intelligence so that they will be able to achieve more in their lives, and to be happier as a result.  The problem is that achievement does not equate to happiness.

Rather, happiness leads to greater achievements.

The concept of happiness is something unique to each individual, but it really comes down to a single concept:  peace of mind.

A mind in turmoil cannot achieve its desires, usually due to lack of focus and commitment.  A mind strengthened by a sense of peace, order and free flowing creativity can achieve almost anything, and overcome nearly any obstacle.

Unfortunately, most of the brain training regimens on the market only scratch the surface of what can be achieved in the brain.  This doesn’t mean that games focused on brain fitness aren’t worthwhile, but rather that they should be viewed as only helping in certain areas of cognition.

The type of superior brain power training that I am talking about uses a special technology known as “brainwave entrainment.” This is a scientific term for the process of matching one’s brain to a specific frequency rhythm in order to create states of whole-brain function, deep relaxation and even stimulate more neural connections within the brain to increase intelligence.

Although producing superior brainwave entrainment frequencies is a complex undertaking, the way this works for YOU is actually fairly simple. You just put on a pair of headphones, play the special brain entrainment audio and let your brain synchronize to the frequency of the track.